The Ape Research Consortium (ARC) is the world's only research resource that links ape researchers with ape managers to promote our understanding of human health through the study and protection of all apes.

The researchers and institutions that belong to ARC are funded by a range of public and private sources. You can visit the websites of each individual researcher or institution to see how they each independently fund their research efforts.  ARC is designed to help these individual members work together to obtain additional funding for large scale collaborative projects that otherwise would not be possible.    

The Ape Reseach Consortium is currently managed by Dr. Brian Hare at Duke University.  If you are interested in making a private donation, contact us at

Your donation will help us understand more about our closest ape relatives while helping a consortium of experts work to protect both their welfare and survival. Your donation also supports researchers who are on the frontline of monitoring the illegal trade in bushmeat that represents one of the leading risks for future pandemics.